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Financially, the Arabian Gulf constitutes one of the most rewarding ESL destinations in the world; inAdvance is a leading regional academic job placement company. We recruit qualified and experienced academics form the US, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

Through our relentless pursuit of excellence, we succeeded in securing long lasting relationships with some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the area. We offer teaching jobs at universities, colleges and with our corporate clients. In such a wide range of diverse teaching environments, we are confident we can assist you in finding employment reflective of your talent and education.

Note that as per the Gulf Council Cooperation higher education guidelines, a Bachelor Degree from a reputable western university is a minimum requirement for most teaching positions in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait. A minimum of a Master Degree is required for a direct hire by a university in the aforesaid Gulf countries and Principalities (Emirates).

Master's Program

In partnership with Walden University, one of the largest online universities in the USA, inAdvance is offering grants in form of substantial fee discounts for most of their Master degrees programs. MA degrees in Education, Linguistics and Modern Languages are viewed as equivalent to TESOL and/or CELTA by most ministries of education and reputable educational institutions worldwide.

Teaching English in Saudi Arabia

By the royal degree issued by King Abdullah English constitutes the second language in Saudi Arabia. Expats, whether blue- or white-collar workers are not required to speak Arabic while in the KSA.

Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English Abroad constitutes an exciting career move mostly for new college graduates. However, the number of applicants who view ESL jobs as a rejuvenating life change is on a rise.

TEFL and CELTA Certification

inAdvance has teamed up with a number of educational institutions offering TEFL and CELTA courses online. Studying online represents a unique opportunity for teachers who are already employed, particularly away from home and abroad.

Teaching Abroad

Teaching English abroad offers a unique mind-broadening experience. Deciding on a career in ESL may in fact constitute a very important step in personal enrichment. While sharing your gift of English, you affect people's lives and their economic well-being. You learn about diverse cultures and different perspectives.

Jobs in Education

Educating foreigners in English implies promoting western values and to a degree lifestyles. Those considering 'careers in English', in other words, seeking jobs in education abroad, should act responsibly exemplifying the principles cherished in most developed democracies; to many students you will be a glimpse of the world they can only dream to be a part of.

Working in the Middle East

While considering teaching English in the Middle East, a number of considerations ought to be made in order to avoid unnecessary disappointment. Teaching English in Egypt may for instance offer great opportunities to explore the region's rich history; perhaps learn the language; however, salaries in Egypt do not match salaries offered by schools and universities in Saudi Arabia or the UAE. The same applies to teaching in Yemen; Yemen too is rich in history, yet teaching English in Yemen is not financially as rewarding as teaching ESL in other Gulf countries. Teaching English in the United Arab Emirates, and particularly teaching in Dubai represents likely the most lucrative ESL and EFL career opportunity in the world, however, often, English language teachers are discouraged by the high cost of living in the Gulf.

Teaching Jobs Abroad

According to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics teaching jobs abroad are amongst the most sought after international jobs including trades and labour.